Development of the eC+ project for T2S AG.

The development is based on the use of PHP OOP/MySql, Javascript and Ajax, integrations with API (paypal, spreed) or remote server connections with ad hoc development. No CMS or frameworks were used, the development was created from "blank pages".

The management system allows you to follow courses from university teachers, carrying out exams and obtaining certifications; it allows access by identifying the user role (developer, administrator, teacher, student), showing its features:

  • study packages with text/video,
  • admission to online or classroom exams,
  • calculation of scores,
  • issue of the relevant documentation and certifications,
  • billing,
  • payment tracking,
  • creation of exams,
  • account statements
  • ...

The management system supports the multilingual, developed by the same company.

Software for the Swiss/German market.


Management for e-learning.